November 2021

The first winter visitors have arrived this month. Flocks of Fieldfare were up at the Enterprise Park along with a small number of Redwings. None have appeared in my garden yet. For the past few years I have had a couple of Fieldfare which stayed for a few months in the garden eating the apples from the apple tree. The apple tree had a poor year with very few apples on it. So if these birds do appear in the garden I will have to stock up with apples.

A Slavonian Grebe has appeared again in Burghead harbour. There had been one in the harbour earlier in the year, This is the first year I have seen one there and probably the first time I have seen one close up. There was still a little Guillemot coming in also. The first Snow Buntings I ever saw were at Lossiemouth in a group through my binoculars, so I was delighted to see one close up at Burghead on the grassy bank. It was completely unperturbed by human presence and had been there for a few days. There are nearly always Grey Herons on the rocks there too. Many bird watching groups go to Burghead at different times in the year as there is always plenty to be seen.

On our way back from the Dava there were three Red Kites flying overhead for a few minutes. It was difficult to get a good photograph at the right angle but I was pleased that the outline of the birds could be seen.

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